COVID-19 Vaccine Policy

COVID-19 Interim Vaccine Policy (Ontario) (NEW)

COVID-19 Interim Vaccine Policy (Saskatchewan) (NEW)

COVID-19 Vaccination Medical Accommodation for Current Employees 

COVID-19 Vaccine FAQ   

  • The Covid-19 Vaccine FAQ covers frequently asked questions about Covid-19 vaccines (this resources will be updated with new information as it becomes available)

Employee COVID-19 Vaccine Submission

We need your help to track COVID-19 vaccinations. Please click on one of the links below to let us know if you have had one or two vaccinations. You can submit your data using any Christian Horizons device that is connected to a Christian Horizons network or VPN. Please note these links are only accessible from within a service location, or through the VPN.

For Christian Horizons’ desktop, laptop, mobile phones, please use the following link which can be accessible at any service locations, or through FortiClient, or the PulseSecure Client

For Christian Horizons’ tablet, please use the following link which can be accessible through PulseSecure Web Access only

Please contact IS&T Helpdesk if you experience an issue with accessing the Vaccine Submission Form.


To view a recording of the previous webinars follow the following links:

January 18th – Dr. Moriarty 

January 22nd – Dr. Moriarty 

January 29th – Dr. Marwah Younis

February 5th – Dr. Philip Dwek

February 12th – Information on consent 

February 26thPlain Language information about mRNA Vaccines

March 12th – Plain Language information about Viral Vector Vaccines

March 19th –  Updated information on the vaccines that are available and roll out

March 26th – Updated information on the AstraZeneca vaccine

April 16th –  Updated information on the AstraZeneca vaccine. 

April 23rd – Organizational Webinar

May 14th – Organizational Webinar

June 25th – Organizational Webinar

 July 23, 2021- COVID-19 Webinar


With COVID-19 Vaccinations receiving approval for use in Canada it is important that the people we support and our employees have reliable information in order to make informed decisions around receiving their vaccinations. Please find reliable vaccination resources for your review below.


  • Detailed information on the Pfizer Vaccine can be found here
  • Detailed information on the Moderna Vaccine can be found here
    • An update from the National Advisory Committee on Immunizations on the expanded vaccine schedule can be found here
  • Detailed information on mRNA vaccines can be found here
  • Detailed information on the AstraZeneca Vaccine can be found here
  • Detailed information on the Janssen (Johnson and Johnson) vaccine can be found here
  • Detailed information on viral vector vaccines can be found here
  • Detailed information on COVID-19 vaccine safety can be found here
  • A video on how COVID-19 vaccines have been developed and approved in a timely manner can be found here.
  • Detailed information on COVID-19 Vaccine Approval Process can be found here (This is an Ontario Ministry of Health Resource but the approval process was done nationally) 


  • The Ethical Framework for Vaccine Distribution in Ontario can be found here
  • Recommendations for special populations (pregnancy, breastfeeding and immunocompromised) can be found here
  • Updated on January 13th additional information about the vaccine roll out plan can be found here 


  • The vaccine delivery strategy for Saskatchewan can be found here
  • Updated information on access to COVID-19 vaccines for employees and people who use our services can be found here 


Social Story COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Social Story (NEW)

Social Story COVID-19 Vaccine Passport (NEW)


ARCH Disability Law Center is hosting weekly webinars on Wednesdays to discuss COVID-19 in plain language.

  • For more information click here

The following resources have been compiled to assist in the important goal of supporting people who use services to make informed and educated decisions about their health in relation to COVID-19 vaccines.

An excellent plain language video from P4P Planning Network about Getting Ready for your COVID Vaccine can be found here.

Georgia Tech has produced a number of excellent resources that are available here has a number of plain language resources that are available in both digital and print form. Specific resources can be found here


The following video link is an extremely informative video from our partners at Sun Life that we encourage all employees to review. Within the video, Dr. Alan Bernstein discusses and answers questions about COVID-19 vaccines

  • Important Time Stamps for the above video
    • 01:45 – How mRNA vaccines work and safety around the new type of vaccine
    • 04:44 – Effectiveness  (Moderna and Pfizer vaccines)
    • 07:15 – Storage (Moderna and Pfizer vaccines)
    • 10:40 – Viral vector vaccines (likely method the next two vaccines to be approved will use)
    • 14:40 – Goal for a successful vaccine
    • 18:35 – Public health measures after being vaccinated.
    • 22:00 – Importance of receiving both doses of mRNA vaccine
    • 23:00 – Skepticism around COVID-19 Vaccines
    • 28:00 – Risk of not getting a COVID-19 Vaccine
    • 29:30 – Vaccine Durability (how long will immunity last)
    • 34:40 – Getting a COVID-19 Vaccine if you have already had COVID-19
    • 40:00 – Q and A session

The following video is from Dr. Nicola Mercer, Medical Officer of Health for Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph. Dr. Mercer discusses the mRNA vaccines that have been approved with a focus on Pizer’s vaccine.

The following video is from the National Alliance of Direct Support Professionals. It is a USA based alliance and as such speaks to some uniquely American organizations specifically the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the process for the vaccines approval. Canada has undergone similar approval methods in order to allow for efficient vaccine approval (please see print resources above).