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See the latest  “Weekly Preparedness Checklist” for an overview of this week’s action points.


Please complete the LMS PPE Procedures training.


Personal Protective Equipment Frequently Asked Questions*
Quick Guide: PPE Donning and Doffing Instructions​*
Hand Wash Poster (ON)*
Proper Glove Use​*
What Mask to Wear, When (Poster)

Quarantine Zone PPE Caution Poster
(For suspected or confirmed outbreak)

Other posters and videos are for use as needed, or for review. Click the button below for additional resources.


Poster/Print Video
Hand Hygiene How to Hand Wash (WHO)

How to Hand Rub Poster​​ (WHO)

 How to Hand Wash (PHO)
Full PPE

Recommended Steps: Putting on and taking off PPE (PHO)

Community Living TO (Training Video)

Putting on – Short (PHO)

Taking off – Short (PHO)

Gown   ON Community Living TO (4:08)

  OFF – Community Living TO (SECOND)



How ​​to Put On a Mask​​​​

Note: Need guidance on N95 respirators? (See “When to wear a mask”). 

  ON Community Living TO (5:35)

  OFF – Community Living TO (LAST)

 Why/When to Wear (WHO)

 How to Wear (WHO)

Goggles Manufacturer’s instructions should be followed when cleaning goggles. If these are unavailable, CDC offers some tips: Cleaning Goggles (CDC)

Note: Other sources instruct to take off eye protection before gown. Public Health Ontario advises to remove gown before eye protection.

  ON – Community Living TO (7:20)

  OFF – Community Living TO (THIRD)

Gloves Note: This video shows gloves UNDER the gown. We recommend OVER the gown, though guidance varies.   ON – Community Living TO  (7:57)

  OFF – Community Living TO (FIRST)



  • COVID-19 Weekly Preparedness Checklist* (NEW) (valid September 18th – September 24th, 2020) 
    The checklist will now be available and tracked through the ODB, instructions can be found here.
    If you are seeing a previous version of this file, make sure to “refresh” the browser tab, clear the cache, or use a different browser.
  •  ​​​​Enhanced Cleaning Poster*
    Cleaning tips from public health and other sources to be followed when COVID-19 cases are present.
  •  ​​​​COVID-19 CPR Protocols*
    Guidance from the Canadian Red Cross on providing CPR for people who may have COVID-19.


  •  COVID-19 Screening Protocol*
    September 10, 2020: The COVID-19 Screening Protocol was updated to note that Essential Visitors are no longer required to use a surgical/procedural mask and can instead wear a non-surgical mask while completing their visit.
  • COVID-19 Symptom Self-Check*

People who use our services:

Decision charts for guidance on COVID-19 exposure for people supported.
Step 1: Supporting people possibly exposed
Step 2: Supporting people suspected to have
Step 3: Supporting people with a confirmed case

CLICK HERE to download all steps.*
CLICK HERE to download supervisor response checklist.

Decision charts for guidance on COVID-19 exposure for employees.

Step 1: Employee Exposure Scenarios
Step 2: Employee Self-Isolation Scenarios

CLICK HERE to download all steps.*
CLICK HERE to download supervisor response checklist.



September 10th, 2020: Visiting Guides have been updated to reflect changes that came into effect on September 9th re: Designated Visitors and Essential Overnight Visits. 

We are pleased to be able to host families once again in Ontario. The COVID-19 Visiting Guide for Locations* (UPDATED) includes a visit planning form to help you schedule and prepare to host upcoming visits while complying with MCCSS guidelines. Please fill out a visitor checklist on the ODB (Instructions here). If required for offline access, you can also download a Word version of the COVID-19 Visitor Checklist.

The COVID-19 Visiting Guide for Families and Friends (UPDATED), “Where I’ve Been” Timeline, “Safety in the Community” Social Story (UPDATED), “Going Out Safely” Guide, and COVID-19 Visits Social Story are available on for Ontario families and friends to access and review prior to their scheduled visit.



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